Who is Party Through The Parks?

It's run by a "graphic designer wife & creative writer/photographer husband" duo that has such a passion for fun & excitement, we moved to Orlando and never looked back. With annual passes for all of the Orlando theme parks, we spend most weekends just hanging out and enjoying our time there. Whether we go on a ride or not isn't even all that important every time we're there - although we usually do hit at least one or two.

I've been a loyal listener/fanboy/participant in the theme park communities for some time, and one day realized that there was a niche market that nobody was catering - and it was my favorite niche! We were at the Boardwalk on a cold, rainy Orlando winter day looking for a resort with a bar that had a cozy fireplace that would make a good hide-out to grab a warm coffee drink and realized after years of "research" we didn't know where to find it. So our love of fine cocktails, all things theme park, and a good time combined forces into what you see today.

We've got lots of ideas of what to do with this, so keep in touch. You never know when a cool new feature will be added. A store with some fun "merch" and recipe section with our best educated guess (one of us was a bartender for about six years so it'll be a good guess!) on how exactly the mouse makes all those tasty concoctions is in the works. I hope everyone enjoys this and passes it on to others who like to 'Drink Around The World' at Epcot, 'Island Hop' at Universal, or 'Whale Watch' at SeaWorld.

Thanks and remember, we're real people running a fun website. No one is paying us to promote a park, nor do either of us work for one - we're just really excited about this stuff. Feel free to comment on anything you see, feel free to ask us any questions about the parks or Orlando in general and we'll be happy to make your vacation - or home town - a little more fun.

Party Through The Parks 


--{By the way, need a dumb fact about the Boardwalk area? There isn't a bar with a cozy fireplace anywhere to be found. You'd think with all of the old world victorian charm in the Yacht and Beach Club resorts you'd be able to find a good wood-burning fireplace to enjoy a coffee with frangelico or a hot totty but no such luck. The closest you'll get is a small bar off to the corner of the Yacht Club's lobby with a very small non-working fireplace. The bartender said it was supposed to be gas but the contractor forgot to run gas lines and now Disney has no plans to fix it.}--