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Victoria Falls

Animal Kingdom Lodge/Jambo House
You'll find this dark, intimate and upscale lounge overlooking Boma. The open-air bar is a nice place to wait for your reservation or just enjoy a nice glass of wine. 

4pm - midnight


Disappointingly, there are no unique drinks to this lounge...though oddly a "Victoria Falls Mist" cocktail is available over at Jiko. Ask the bartender for one and they should be able to make it anyway.

They have an extensive list of wine from South Africa.

Click here for Disney Resort's Cocktail, Beer & Wine Menu 

Pour Quality



You should be able to order off Jiko's menu at the bar. 


A comfortable little lounge with several seats at the bar along with a few tables and plush chairs. In the afternoon it's a quiet place to carry on a conversation with a friend but as dinner approaches, the bar can get very busy with people waiting for their reservation. Being an open-air bar it provides great views down onto Boma, but can get rather noisy once the restaurant opens. You can take your drink to go and wander the other detailed areas of the resort. Go cuddle up by the fireplace inside, or outside at the firepit.

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