Disney's Animal Kingdom is one of the best parks to wander and enjoy the scenery with a cold beer - which you'll need because this is one hot park. With so many nooks, crannys, hidden paths and more to explore, you'll run out of time before you run out of entertainment.


Anandapur Local Food Cafes (Yak & Yeti Counter Service)

Located in Asia, near the entrance to Kali River Rapids... or the monkeys, whichever you're more interested in.

Bud Light - $6.50
Safari Amber - $6.75

A decent variety of Asian cuisine.

This nicely themed building features
walk up counter service and plenty of semi-shaded seating around back by a nice fountain.

Not far from here you'll find the gibbons' enclosure, which isn't actually much of an enclosure - I think if any of these monkeys were a little more athletic they could jump right out! These little monkeys provide interesting entertainment as they energetically swing from branch to building in their unique "lost city" enclosure - especially if you happen to catch them at feeding time. If you spend your time exploring you'll find a quaint off-the-beaten-path sitting area with a great view of the lake nearby.

Any science conscious people poo-pooing our use of "monkey" for the gibbons? You're right, lesser apes, but it didn't sound as cool. Need a dumb fact to go along with your lesser ape watching? Monkeys and apes method of swinging from branch to branch has a name; brachiating (bray - key - ate - ing). Tell your buddy "Gibbons are great brachiators, aren't they?" and enjoy the puzzled look on his or her face that you get for a reply.

Updated 5/2013


Beverage & Snack Cart

Located in Asia, as you get closer to Africa. Aside from the modern appliances, this looks like a stand you might actually find on the side of the road.

Draft Beer
- $6.75
Safari Amber & Kirin Ichiban

Bottled Beer - $6.50
Budweiser & Bud Light

Chips, pretzels

Check out these cool bar tap handles I noticed on the side of a beer cart - they weren't in use, but should be! Now this is a souvenir even a local would actually want to buy!


Dawa Bar

Click here for Dawa Bar Drink Recipes

Like an oasis in the middle of the Sahara, here sits the Dawa Bar waiting to quench your thirst. Whether you just made the long hike into the park, or are ready for the long trek out, or just want to sit down & relax, this is a great spot to stop. This full-liquor bar is located next to the Tusker House Restaurant.

Specialty Cocktails

African Margarita - $8.75
Sauza Gold Tequila, Van der Hum Tangerine liqueur from South Africa, sweet & sour and lime juice.

Lost on Safari - $7.75
Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum, Bacardi Superior rum and our refreshing Pangani Punch.

Sugar Cane Mojito - $9.75
Starr African rum and Sugar Cane Syrup mixed with fresh mint, lime and a splash of soda.

Harambe Cooler - $9.75
Starr African rum and Myers's Original Dark rum mixed with our Pangani Punch.

Dawa Colada - No longer on then menu.
Bacardi Razz rum blended with Pina Colada mix and raspberry puree.

Draft Beer
Safari Amber - $6.75
Bud Light - $6

African Bottled Beer - $7.50
Tusker Lager
St. George Lager
Harar Lager
Hakim Stout
Casa Lager

White Wine
Beyond Sauvignon Blanc - $9
Fair Valley Chenin Blanc - $8
DMZ Chardonnay - $9

Red Wine
Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon - $8
Cape Indaba Shiraz - $8
Eppa Red Superfruit Sangria - $8.50

Specialty Bloody Marys
Find relief from the Harambe heat with these refreshing tomato and vodka libations!
Only available from 9am - 11am

Discovery Island Bloody Mary - $9.50
Grey Goose vodka, loaded Bloody Mary mix, lime juice and olive juice garnished with parsley and a skewer of Mozzarella cheese, tomato, basil and stuffed olive.

Dawa Bloody Mary - $9.50 
Our signature Bloody Mary. Grey Goose vodka, loaded Bloody Mary mix, Worcestershire sauce and horseradish, garnished with basil leaf and a skewer of truffle and blue cheese-stuffed olive and prosciutto.

Asian Bloody Mary - $9.50
Grey Goose vodka, loaded Bloody Mary mix, kim chee-sriracha puree, garnished with Asian slaw (cucumber, carrot, daikon radish) and Tandoori shrimp. 

African Bloody Mary - $9.50
Grey Goose vodka, loaded Bloody Mary mix and spicy African berbere sauce, garnished with berbere-rubbed Beef Jerkey, celery stalk, carrot and parsley. 

Pour Quality
Average - 11/2014: The specialty drinks are now poured out of a pre-mix machine. But surprisingly, they are still pretty decent. We'll keep recommending them for now.


An outdoor bar with enough bamboo trimmed faux adobe to make you think you just pulled of the side of the road while on safari. The bar and the ample seating area of tables and chairs is covered so at least you get to relax in the shade. You'll find a few bar stools right at the bar if you're so inclined to swap jungle stories with the bartender.

Did you know that Safari Amber is specially brewed just for Disney? And did you also know this exact same beer is served by several other Anheuser-Busch retailers who also say it's specially brewed for them? Good catch by Kathleen, this is that same red amber beer AB tells just about everyone to claim as their very own micro-brew including Darden (Olive Garden, Red Lobster etc) and most recently Harry Potter at IOA. It's also always quoted as exclusively available at Animal Kingdom & the AK Lodge, but you can actually find it sold as this Safari Amber at the Refreshment Outpost in the Africa section of World Showcase in Epcot as well. Safari Amber is a medium-bodied lager with a sweet taste that is rounded out with a hoppy/bitter finish. The aficionado will claim it's too boring and the Bud Light folks will think it's too weird but if you're a middle of the road type 'o guy, as I sometimes think I am, you'll agree this goes down pretty nice on a hot day. (Pictured below)

Ever have a
Tusker Lager? It's considered a hard-to-find beer, but you're in luck! The flavor is a simple crisp, clean and easy to drink beer. No strong hoppy flavors or overly roasted malt notes but it's a good light beer. Need a dumb fact while you enjoy your authentic beer? Tusker's slogan "Bia Yangu, Nchi Yangu" means "My Beer, My Country" in Swahili. Not obscure enough for you?  No problem. Get this, one of the beer's founders, George Hurst, was killed by a rogue elephant while on a hunting expedition.


African Margarita

The African Margarita (left) is one of the best margaritas on Disney property. The tangerine liqueur gives it a unique flavor profile with the slightly sweet tangerine mixing with the tart lime juice and sweet & sour. Not your everyday margarita. If you think regular margaritas are too sour, you'd like this one. You know how some drinks just taste expensively delicious at first sip? Yup, this is one of them. A drink worthy of the $8 price tag, and there aren't many.
Lost On Safari
Lost On Safari
(right) held it's own next to the margarita. The Pagani Punch consists of pineapple, orange, cranberry and strawberry juice. Mix that with Captain Spiced rum and that is one sharp tropical drink. Typical tropical drinks don't include strawberry juice, so that added a fresh, tart taste alongside the spiced rum. If you enjoy a simple rum & fruit juice drink, give this a try for a little more zip to the flavor.

Harambe Cooler

Another winner at the Dawa Bar with the Harambe Cooler (right). Similar in flavor to the Lost on Safari, but with a little more alcoholic punch thanks to the Starr African rum's unique flavors of citrus and cardamom. The dark rum & African rum mixed with their special blend of tropical juices give the drink a richer, spicier tropical flavor that's not real sweet. This was also the strongest drink we've had of their specialty drinks. Another one worthy of the top-dollar price tag.
Dawa Colada
If you are trying to decide between getting a dessert and a drink, get both in the Dawa Colada (left). The pina colada mix with fresh raspberry puree is refreshing and delicious. A great drink to enjoy on a hot day. While not particularly strong, it is quite tasty. Not as worthy of the high price tag as the other drinks on the menu. Wait, hold the phone . . . oh, it's 1996 calling telling me not to say hold the phone? I'll take that call right after I tell our friends what I just figured out. Pina colada + Bacardi Razz + raspberry puree = pina coLAVA. . . remember what happened to the automotive industry for selling the same car under 6 different names?

11/2014 Update

All specialty drinks are priced around $16 but include a specialty plastic mug. Simply order without the mug and you'll save about $6. They are kinda cool tiki-ish mugs though!

African Beer Reviews
Authentic, African beer from Ethiopa has been added to the menu at one of our favorite watering holes. These new beers add a nice selection of diversity to the ever-growing unique beer offering at DisneyWorld.

St. George beer has a nice golden color with very little head. Matching that light color is the flavor - light, fresh and clean without much aftertaste or bitterness. An easy to drink, refreshing lager that will go down nicely (and quickly!) in the hot summer months.

Hakim Stout
delivers a medium-brown, coffee color with a moderatel foamy head. Though dark, it's slightly sweet with a light caramel and roasted malty flavor. Not very hoppy at all, with minimal aftertaste. A beer with a little more substance and deep flavor. Like the Kona Pipeline? Give this one a shot. 

Updated 8/2014


Expedition Everest Drink Cart

This once temporary cart has become a permanent fixture on the path to Everest.


Bud Light - $6.25
Kingfisher Lager - $7.25
Gupta's Pomegranate Punch - $8.25
Golden Expedition Margarita - $8.25

Pour Quality

Chips, trail mix, fruit & cheese and more.

We were slightly skeptical with the specialty drinks here, but upon ordering the Gupta's Pomegranate Punch we saw it being poured straight from the Smirnoff Cocktail bottle. You know exactly what you're getting with this cocktail. It's just a bit overly sweet & syrupy, could've used just a dash of Sprite to brighten it up.

The same comments apply to the Golden Expedition Margarita, which is a straight pour out of the Jose Cuervo pre-mix bottle. A little syrupy and a bit too sour. Not winning any margarita awards here. If you want a good margarita head over to the Dawa Bar, or at least one of the frozen ones at the margarita stand.

Updated 5/2013


Flame Tree Barbeque

Let your nose lead you to this delicious barbeque restaurant. If your olfactory glands are failing you, it's near the entrance to Dinoland off to the right of the Tree of Life.


Bud Light - $6
Safari Amber - $6.75
Wine - Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Merlot - $6.95


Good BBQ but this place is a mob scene during peak meal times. Plenty of covered seating off to both sides of the restaurant.

Updated 5/2013 


Hidden Gems of Animal Kingdom

This page wouldn't be complete to us if we didn't mention the amazing areas to wander and take a break. Animal Kingdom is a park that truly deserves a slow, casual touring style. Have you really explored all the paths in the Oasis area or around the Tree of Life? There are so many animals to see in their lush landscaped environments. With everyone else rushing off to the rides, you'll often have these areas to yourself.

Pangani Forest Trail - this self-paced walking trail exhibits animals found in Africa. Find the entrance near the Kilimanjaro Safari.

Maharajah Jungle Trek
- Another self-paced walking trail that is home to animals from Asia. The entrance is located near the seating area for the counter service Yak & Yeti.

Both of these trails are do not miss attractions. The themeing, architecture, and landscaping in these trails make you forget you're in a theme park and you almost believe you truly have been transported to another place. I have never had an issue with bringing a beverage into the trail - hey, gotta stay hydrated on the trek, right?

Tigers, lizards, deer, bats, hippos, fish, meerkats, and gorillas are just a few of the animals you will encounter on these trails. Be sure to take your time on this journey and feel free to ask questions to any of the 'guides' throughout the trail. They'll often point out little details or fill you in on some stories that you would otherwise miss.

A cold beer is a great hiking companion.  That, and tigers, make for a fun afternoon.



Margarita Stand

Click here for Margarita Stand Drink Recipes

A Margarita oasis has opened up in the Animal Kingdom. You'll find this stand of frozen concoctions near Flights of Wonder.

Specialty Margaritas 
Kali River Mango Margarita - $8.75
Sauza Gold tequila, lime juice and mango puree.

Maharaja Lime Margarita - $8.75
Sauza Gold tequila, triple sec, agave nectar and lime juice.

Bali Hai Strawberry Margarita - $8.75
Sauza Gold tequila, lime juice and strawberry puree.

Triple Yeti Blast - $8.75
A layer of all 3 Margaritas.

Kingfisher Premium Lager - $6.75
Bud Light - $5.75

Pour Quality 

Pretzel & cheese dip, chips.

Walk up counter-service. Take your margarita and relax at the seating areas with a view of the water right across from the stand or go wander the lesser explored areas and animal paths. 

On our first excursion to this new stand, we ordered the Maharaja Lime (left) and Kali River Mango (right). After first sip, while tasty, we were immediately skeptical. Is this just another wildly expensive weak margarita? As we continued our journey we found the mild alcohol flavor was misleading. After a few minutes the side of the cup had a thick layer of rapidly accumulating frost. That means we've got a drink chilled quite a bit below 32 degrees on our hands. There's only one way to get water and ice colder than 32 degrees, by adding a bunch of salt or alcohol . . . and these things don't taste salty.

The Maharaja Lime is essentially just like your typical margarita but a little more sweet and a little less tart. The Kali River Mango is for someone who really loves mango - as every sip smacks your tastebuds with a heavy dose of the sweet orange fruit. If you're a fan of the Fiesta margarita in Mexico at Epcot, you'll love the Triple Yeti Blast - a combo of all three flavors! Or do as us PTTP folks do, ask to layer only two flavors of your choice. Mix them together to create your own custom flavor or leave them separate and enjoy two distinct refreshing flavors that you can switch between at any time by varying the depth of your straw.

While these refreshing slushies are not quite as unique as the margaritas served at the Dawa Bar (we recommend you make the trip there if you can), these are a fine alternative that will satisfy on one of those "Animal Kingdom Hot" days.
(Example Usage: Whew! it's "Animal Kingdom Hot" out here today!" Feel free to add it to your lexicon.)

Updated 5/2013



This colorful counter service restaurant is located on Discovery Island. Enjoy the indoor seating, a slice, and some AC.


Bud Light - $6
Safari Amber - $6.75
Wine - Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Merlot - $6.95
Eppa Organic Sangria - $8.50

Pizza & other Italian specialties.

Each room has unique hand-painted murals on the walls which are worth a quick peek if you're not dining here. Very bright, vibrant and fun feel here. But, expect it to be packed over peak meal times.

Updated 5/2013 


Rainforest Cafe

Click here for Rainforest Cafe Drink Recipes

Right outside the entrance gates to Animal Kingdom you'll find a Rainforest Cafe restaurant. There is also a Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney in the Marketplace section. This post will cover both since offerings are the same. Look out, we've heard it's "A Wild Place to Shop & Eat". Between the yelling monkeys and the thunderstorms, this is a very unique yet loud place to stop for a bite or a drink.

Souvenir Drinks

Firefly Pomegranate Tea - Firefly Sweet Tea vodka with pomegranate schnapps, fresh squeezed lemon juice and brewed iced tea.

Firefly Sweet Tea - Firefly Sweet Tea vodka with fresh squeezed lemon juice and brewed iced tea.

Firefly Peach Tea - Firefly Sweet Tea vodka with a touch of peach schnapps, fresh squeezed lemon juice and brewed iced tea.

Pink Parrot Lemonade - Skyy Infusions Citrus vodka, with X-Rated Fusion liqueur, pomegranate syrup, sweet & sour and topped with Sprite.

Tropical Toucan - Malibu Coconut rum and 99 Bananas liqueur mixed with orange and pineapple juices and a splash of grenadine served over ice.

Monkey Business - You'll go crazy over this drink! A mango daiquiri with Bacardi light rum and wild berry flavors.

Panama Punch - A cool drink with Bacardi 151, Myers's Original Dark rum, peach schnapps and 99 Bananas liqueur. Accented with creme de cassis and orange & pineapple juices.

Caribbean Cooler - Bacardi Light rum mixed with banana, strawberry and mango flavors.

Rainbow Colada - A chilling combination of Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum, strawberries and bananas, pina colada mix and pineapple juice blended together.

Island Daiquiri - Bacardi light rum with a choice of strawberry, pina colada, mango, raspberry, wildberry or banan flavors.

Mongoose Mai Tai - Snakes beware! This version of the famous Mai Tai attacks with Malibu Coconut rum, and Myers's Original Dark rum, creme de almond, orange and pineapple juices.

Green Python - Putting the squeeze on you, this one constricts with Skyy Citrus vodka, Midori Melon liqueur, Malibu Coconut rum, 99 Bananas liqueur, sweet & sour and pineapple juice.

Cheetah Rita - Our premium margarita mixed up "fast & furiously" with Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, Patron Citronge and lime juice.

Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, LandShark Lager, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Corona, Corona Light, Modelo Especial, Stella Artois, Heineken, Guinness

Pour Quality
Just Ok

They've got a little bit of everything here to satisy everyone, from burgers to salads to steaks. Our long-time favorite is Bamba's Bar-B-Que Wrap. If it's too long of a wait to get a table, you can order food at the bar as well.

A crazy mad-house of a rainforest - but in a fun way. Monkeys, elephants, live aquariums and more all in a lush tropical environment. Not a place to have a conversation, just have fun with the experience. Given the rather dark environment of the restaurant, our camera just can't do it justice, so we won't be including any interior shots at this time. To learn more about the restaurant and view the full menu, visit RainforestCafe.com.

They have a decent list of some unique and refreshing cocktails here. They are slightly more expensive than your typical specialty drink inside a theme park. If the drink says it comes in a souvenir glass, ask for it without and you'll save yourself a couple bucks. It is a full-service bar, so you can order nearly any drink of your liking.

Firefly Pomegranate Tea (left) is a great twist on a southern favorite. If it wasn't for the elephant roaring, you could picture yourself sipping it on a porch in the summer. Nevertheless, this slightly sweet, thirst-quenching drink does just that - almost too well because it's gone before you know it. And at around $10 a pop, it's hard to justify getting more than one. A worthy splurge for one.

Pink Parrot Lemonade (right) is a similarly refreshing cocktail for a hot Florida afternoon with flavors of orange, mango and passion fruit topped off with lemonade. Again, recommended for a splurge.

If you are more of a fan of sour, melon & banana flavored drinks, try the Green Python. A refreshing, citrusy-sour punch that wakes up your tastebuds. But don't worry, it's not so sour that it's undrinkable.



Located where else but in Dinoland USA.


Bud Light - $6
Safari Amber - $6.75
Lychee Coconut Rum Lemonade - $6.75
Wildberry Mango Rum Lemonade - $6.75

American style fare, burgers, chicken, etc.
They have a fixin's bar with mushrooms and onions to top your sandwiches too.

Step into one of the best themed counter service restaurants throughout the Disney parks. There is so much detail on the outside & inside of the building. Inside, the lighting is low, the air is cool and the seating is plentiful. Checkout the dino fossils and excavation equipment adorning the walls, along with a large fireplace. Even if you don't plan on dining here, just take a minute to peek inside. Or enjoy their food alfresco on the outdoor patio.

Updated 5/2013


Royal Anandapur Tea Company

There aren't any alcoholic drinks here, but this unique tea stand deserves a mention in my book, err... website. Located directly across from the Yak & Yeti counter service.

Hot Teas

From the Mikir Hills, an extention of the Great Himalayan Range, in Umrangshu. The blackish tea leaves, with golden tips, brew to a bright copper liquor with a sweet musty smell and a bold malty taste.

"The Champagne of teas" slightly floral notes with a bright amber cup, delicious musk & honey-like after tate uniquely found in good quality Darjeeling.

Ti Kwan Yin Oolong
Orchid notes with a fruity undertone, along with a hint of smokiness adds to the complexity of this semi oxidized tea from China. A very well balanced tea.

Green Honey Ginseng
Fine Green Tea from China, blended with Panax Ginseng and subtly sweet honey, less than 1/4 the amount of caffeine found in a cup of coffee, makes this a very relaxing tea experience. 

China Green Jasmine
Fresh, clean tasting Green tea leaves from Japan are delicately scented with Jasmine blossoms, this produces a light, refreshing, slightly sweet cup.

Chamomile Lemon
A soothing blend of Chamomile Flowers and lemon myrtle enhanced with a gentle touch of Mandarin orange. A truly relaxing and enjoyable tea drinking experience.

Honeybush Organic Superior
Contains an amazing array of health promoting benefits, just like its cousin Rooibos, only a little bit sweeter. Add to the fact that it's naturally caffeine free and you have everything you could want in a cup of tea.

Masala Chai
A warm and mysterious blend of authentic Chai from India. Fine black tea blended with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, lemon and orange peel, black peppercorn, ginger and Madagascar vanilla.

Honey Vanilla Rooibos
We added the luscious taste of sweet clover honey to our already decadent vanilla rooibos and the result is a tea lover's dream come true.

Specialty Iced Teas of the World

English Breakfast
A classic blend of exotic teas from Argentina, Peru, Malawi and China.

Cranberry Pomegranate
This delicious tea blends sweetness with a crisp tartness and is enhanced with herbs and flower petals to stimulate the senses.

Green Honey Ginseng
An energizer for the mind and body. Features a subtle honey sweetness.

(Descriptions directly off their menu.)


Specialty Teas:

Hot Tea - $3.39
Iced Tea - $3.39
Chai Latte - $4.89 
Frozen Chai - $5.39

Specialty Coffee:
Coffee - $3.39
Double Espresso - $3.28
Cappuccino - $4.89
Cafe Latte - $4.89
Mocha Latte - $5.39
Flavored Latte (vanilla, caramel hazelnut or irish cream) - $5.39

Hot Chocolate - $3.89
Frozen Cappuccino - $5.39
Frozen Cappuccino - $5.39

Updated 5/2013


Tamu Tamu Refreshments

©DisneyThis counter-service location just upped its game by adding Dole Whips with alcohol to the menu. That's right, it's not just a Food & Wine special any more!

Pineapple Soft-Serve (Dole Whip) - $6.09
With Myers's Original Dark Rum or Parrot Bay Coconut Rum

Assorted sandwiches, salads & desserts.

There's some seating behind the building that's outdoors and partly shaded, but we'd prefer to go across the street to the seating near - scratch that - at the Dawa Bar with our food so we can grab a beer as well.



You'll come across this snack stand just past the dinosaur bridge at the entrance to Dinoland USA.

Specialty Drinks 
Frozen Blueberry-Mango Rum Lemonade - $7.75

Bottled Beer
Bud Light - $5.75

Dino Legs! (err, technically Turkey Legs I guess)

Updated 5/2013


Yak & Yeti - Quality Beverages 

Click here for Yak & Yeti Drink Recipes

Around the corner from the main counter service restaurant, you will find a window named 'Quality Beverages'. They have a larger selection of beers, and two specialty drinks.


Bud Light - $6.50
Kirin Ichiban - $6.75
Shock Top - $6.75
Safari Amber - $6.75

Specialty Drinks - $8.99

Yak Attack - Mango daiquiri, Bacardi Light Rum, and wildberry flavors

Frozen Emperor Margarita
- Made with Jose Cuervo Gold and available in Strawberry, Mango or Wildberry.

Pour Quality

Same food as available around the corner at the counter service side.

The Yak Attack is a sweet and tangy frozen slushie drink. Tart mango, sweet berry syrup and a splash of rum are a good compliment to a hot day at AK. For eight bucks we'd prefer a little more kick in a small drink but we're paying a premium for ice-cold tastiness.

Updated 6/2014


Yak & Yeti Restaurant & Bar

Click here for Yak & Yeti Drink Recipes

Located deep in the villages of Asia you'll find this tasty restaurant. Here you'll find one of 2 full-service bars in the park, and this one is inside with cold AC.  So, you'll have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a seat at the bar. The good news - you can get a drink to go. 

Specialty Drinks - $8.99

Yak Attack
Mango daiquiri, Bacardi Light rum and wildberry flavors.

Shanghai Express
Captain Morgan Spiced rum, DeKuyper banana liqueur, peachtree schnapps and tropical juices.

Bonsai Blast
Skyy Vodka, DeKuyper banana liqueur, peachtree schnapps, blue curacao and sweet & sour.

Emperor Margarita
Jose Cuervo Gold, Grand Marnier and sweet & sour

Big Bamboo
Malibu Coconut rum, Bacardi Light rum, DeKuyper banana liqueur and tropical fruit juices.

Tropical Daiquiri
Bacardi Light rum with choice of strawberry, pina colada, wild berry or mango flavors.

Everest Avalanche
Bacardi Light rum, mixed with banana, strawberry and mango flavors.

Empress Bloody Mary
Stolichnaya Vodka and spicy bloody mary mix.

Draft Beer - 16oz. | 22oz.
Safari Amber - $6.75 | $7.75
Kirin Ichiban - $6.75 | $7.75
Shock Top - $6.75 | $7.75
Bud Light - $6.50 | $7.50

Bottled Beer
Fosters Oil Can - $8.75
Kingfisher Lager - $6.25
Kirin Ichiban Light - $6.25
Tsing Tao - $6.25
Sapporo - $7.25
Corona - $6.25
Heineken - $6.25

A short list of wine available ranging from $6.50 - $8.95 a glass. Also available by bottle.

Sake - served chilled

Sho Chiku Bai Sake
- 6oz. - $7.25
Smooth, well-balanced and full-bodied. Served warm upon request.

Hana Fuji Apple Flavored Sake - 6oz. - $7.50
Fresh aroma that fulfills the palate with crisp tartness of the fruit.

Zipang Sparkling Sake - 250ml bottle - $12.99
This naturally carbonated sake is crystal clear with sparkling bubbles. Sweet yet refreshingly light, with flavors of white grapes, pears and green apples.

Sho Chiku Bai Junmai Nigori Sake - 300ml bottle - $16.99
Unfiltered and sweetest of all sakes. Its name translates to "cloudy" due to its appearance.

Pour Quality 
Just Ok-Poor for Specialty Drinks, Average for mixed drinks.

Full menu available at the bar. We highly recommend the Wok-Fried Green Beans - a great snack with a cold beer. Check out their full food menu at YakandYetiRestaurant.com

An eccentric mix of Asian and Indian decor. The two-story restaurant provides some great views of the park if you luck out and get seated next to a window. Artifacts and souvenirs from the "restaurant proprietor's" travels around the world adorn the walls. Dark oak tables & chairs and jewel-toned fabrics transport you to another world.

Considering the poor pour quality of the specialty drinks, we recommend at least getting one with more than one liquor ingredient in order to get your money's worth. We've had the Yak Attack, and you can read the negative review of that one here under the "Quality Beverages" post. We've also had Big Bamboo, (pictured below) a great tropical drink - the banana liqueur gives it a nice, smooth tropical taste.

Extinct Drink - Shaved Ice Martini

R.I.P. Shaved Ice Martini...you were...a gimmick.The Shaved Ice Martinis went the way of the dinosaurs in spring 2011, but we kept the info here for posterity:

Grape Crush
Three Olive Grape vodka, Chambord and a splash of sweet & sour.
Citrus Freeze
SKYY Infusions Citrus vodka, Midori melon liqueur, sweet & sour and a splash of pineapple juice.
Cherry Infusions
SKYY Infusions Cherry vodka, sweet & sour and a splash of grenadine.
How was it? Well here's our review from 2010:
The Shaved Ice Martinis are all about fun presentation. Not a particularly fantastically delicious drink, but it's fun. The bartender mixes up the drink in the shaker and then gives it to you to pour over the ice yourself. We tried the Citrus Freeze after our bartenders recommendation of staying away from the Grape Crush. The Citrus Freeze was a very simple melon drink with a nice fruity flavor.

Menu prices & selection updated 5/2013