After hitting some legendary roller coasters, grab a beer and check out some animals. You've got plenty of places to stop for a beer, but only a few with hard liquor, such as the Crown Colony Bar, Dragonfire Grill and a small drink stand near Stanley Falls Log Flume. You can also find a variety of wine at a few select gift shop bars, as mentioned below.


Wine Tasting & Tour

Beer not for you? Well, you're in luck - Busch Gardens is continuing their successful Wine Bars from their Food & Wine Festival. Go on a tour around the park at your leisure and try some unique Californian, South African, South American and Australian wines. Each shop even has a few craft beers to satisfy everyone in your party.

There are 3 Wine Bars in different Gift Shops around the park.
Xcursions, near Gwazi Park & the Kangaroos, has South African and Australian wines
Painted Camel, in Pantopia by Falcon's Fury, offers South American wines
Nature's Kingdom, near the front of the park by the alligators, lines up some Californian wines.

Each of these 3 locations has at least 8 different wines: whites, reds, blends and maybe even a bubbly if you're lucky. At this time, Busch Gardens is not selling these wines for you to take home by the bottle...but it may change in the not-so-distant future.

Starts at 12pm until usually 1 hour before park close (may vary during special events)

Wine Tasting Tour - $34.95
Enjoy 4 different 1oz. pours in a souvenir wine glass at each of the above mentioned Gift Shop Wine Bars. Plus, at the end of the tour, you get either an additional 4 1oz. pours at your favorite Gift Shop Wine Bar or one 4oz. pour of your favorite wine from any wine bar.

Single Tasting in a Logo Wine Glass - $14.95
Enjoy 4 different 1oz. pours in a souvenir wine glass.

Additional Wine Tasting - $9.95
Four different 1oz. pours using your pre-purchased souvenir glass.

Wine by the Glass - $7.95
One 5oz. pour of your choice in a plastic wine glass.

Wine Souvenir Glass - $14.95
One 5oz. pour of your choice in a souvenir glass.

Wine Refill in Souvenir Glass - $7.95
5oz. pour

The Wine Bars were so successful during Busch Garden's Food & Wine festival this year, they decided to continue it indefinitely to see how it would do for the rest of the year. It's expected to run during Howl-O-Scream & Christmastown events this year as well.

Each of the Wine Bars is staffed by a highly knowledgeable Wine Steward to guide you through your tasting tour. This is meant to be a casual and fun learning experience where you take a few minutes to learn about wine and how the ones you are tasting are created. Remember Beer School? Yeah, kinda like that - but smaller scale.

If you don't mind sharing with a friend, we recommend doing so with the Wine Tour - it's a LOT of wine for just one person to enjoy. So splitting the $34.95 two ways is a pretty good deal for the variety and quantity you receive.

We had an absolute blast on our tour and met some great, knowledgeable & super friendly wine stewards - Scott at Nature's Kingdom gets a special shout out! We promise if you like wine, want to expand your wine horizons or are a wine afficianado, you'll enjoy this fun tour that Busch Gardens has put together.

Updated 8/2015