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Banana Cabana Pool Bar

This pool bar is separated from the pool area by a fence, which makes the view somewhat limited. The marina is just steps away, and several of the tables have a great view of it. This is all located at Old Port Royale Centertown.
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Goombay Smash
- $7.50
A long-time fan favorite from drink menus of years ago. Enjoy this mix of Coconut rum, Myers's Dark rum, sweet & sour and pineapple juice. Order this one and the bartenders will know you're a regular.

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Pool hours vary daily, but usually open around noon and close 8-9pm.


Step outside of the main Centertown building and you'll find yourself in a wide-open patio area with the pool to the left, the bar straight ahead, and the marina off to the right. The Banana Cabana has a handful of chairs at the bar where you can see the 2 tvs. More seating is available out on the patio area. Or, even better, enjoy the several sandy beaches spread throughout the property with chairs and hammocks to waste away the day, mon! Cross the bridge behind the pool over to Caribbean Cay and get up close to nature. Well, plants and squirrels anyway. There are some benches and swinging loveseat chairs tucked away on the paths for a quiet, romantic getaway.


We received an email some time back asking if we've had the Goombay Smash here yet, and now we can say we've had the pleasure. We've been told that only the regulars of the resort know of this drink since it hasn't been on the menu for years. 

The Goombay Smash, (for some reason I was expecting green), is not your typical fruity tropical drink thanks to the punch of Myers's Dark rum mixed alongside Coconut rum. A savory sweet tropical drink thanks to the hint of molasses from the dark rum. Before it gets too sweet, the pineapple juice provides just enough of a sour kick to even it out. There's some unique flavors mingling together here that you should give a try on your next visit.

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