Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando is our all-time favorite event of the theme parks (though Food & Wine is just a hair behind), and 2010's construction is in full swing.  It's the 20th anniversary of the event, so we're hoping they've got some great treats in store for us.


Sept. 24-25 • Sept. 30-Oct. 1-3 • Oct. 7-10 • Oct. 14-17 • Oct. 20-24 • Oct. 27-31


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• Prime views of the 'Fear Revealed' scarezone.

- Halloween Horror Nights Secrets Revealed!
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HHN 20 Talk

So the strongly rumored theme this year is something like a 'family tree' or 'class reunion' of sorts, where they will be bringing back icons/houses of the past. We've been attending HHN for the past 6 years so I'm personally hoping they pull more from the earlier years I haven't seen before. I was hoping for a whole new theme this year.  Wasn't it just two years ago that we had the same 'icons of the past' theme? Oh well, bad HHN is like bad pizza; even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

Either way I know I'll have a great time - it can't be worse than the year with the Alice in Wonderland area, can it?? Maybe I'm spoiled - my first HHN was at both parks back in 2004 and it really left us with high standards to compare future HHNs. It would've been great to have it in both parks this year, especially with how incredibly creepy Hogwarts could be for Halloween. Hopefully sometime soon. (If JK will ever let 'em do it!)

If anyone from HHN creative is meandering around PTTP we've got a couple suggestions that would go a long way to improve your already great (is legendary too much?) event:
1. Bring back the mainstage icon show! I understand it may already be too late for this year, but next year? It really ties the whole theme of the event together and it feels like something is missing without it.
2. Have scarier scarezones! Smaller, intimate areas are scary-not the vast expanses like the main streets as you walk in.
3. Make the park darker overall!
4. Add a party element with a DJ booth - MIB area would be great since it's an area where people already hang out inbetween houses. (It works for Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens, why not here?)
5. This one ties into the scarezone issue again.  Don't underestimate the effectiveness of a cheap scare. Nothing gets someone's heart pounding like a guy in a ghillie suit jumping out from the bushes. Someone jumping out from behind a well placed box with a little misdirection is a close second.

Well, those are my thoughts so far. How about you?


Who's lurking inside this theater?

Many people walk right on by this theater without realizing what number one creepy Halloween Horror Nights icon calls this home.
It's Jack

Did you know that Jack can freak you out at any time of the year? Yup, him and his buddy the Caretaker have taken up permanent residence right here in the theater. These guys are so incredibly realistic and lifelike it completely freaks me out every time I drop by. I dare you to not stand there staring at them, just waiting for them to make the first move.


Once you get passed the fact that they're not real, check out the photos, drawings and brochures of Halloween Horror Nights of the past just behind them. There's lots of good stuff here for any HHN junkie to enjoy.


Oh, and don't move – there's a raptor right behind you...

This display has been here for a few years now. I hold out hope that they may add new horrors to it in the future. (And if you haven't seen the Horror Make Up Show here, you are truly missing out - it's one of the best shows in any of the parks!)