Universal has officially released all Halloween Horror Nights 2011 event details! We have 8 new houses, 6 new scarezones and 2 shows. Click on "Official Event Info" below for all the gory details and to watch the exclusive announcement video from a tortured HHN show writer at the hands of Lady Luck.

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2011 Dates:
Sept. 23, 24, 29, 30 • Oct. 1-2, 6 -9, 13 -16, 19 -23, 26-31

Several different tickets options have been released, with more to come. Visit HalloweenHorrorNights.com for all the details. Be sure to keep an eye out as discounts from various sources will begin appearing as we get closer to the dates.

CityWalk Bonus:
Get FREE admission to select clubs with the presentation of your Halloween Horror Nights ticket. Valid only for the date noted on your event ticket.

©UniversalOrlandoOfficial Event Info
Get details on the houses and scarezones for this year, along with our comments and predictions on each.


House & Scarezone Reviews & Photos 
Read our regularly updating reviews of the houses, scarezones, shows and general atmosphere of HHN 21 as we visit during the course of the event. You'll also find construction photos from earlier this year.

Specialty Cocktails
Find menus, prices & reviews of the drinks along with bar locations throughout the park.


Whether this is your first time or your 21st, we've got tips to help you make the most out of your visit. 

Rumor Mill
What has Universal revealed about HHN XXI? What do we think will happen? Read our predictions, rumors and late breaking HHN news that we've come across from various sources. Share your thoughts in the comments section.



Specialty Cocktails, Beer & More at Halloween Horror Nights 2011

Halloween Horror Nights Drink Menu

Specialty Cocktail
Ante Up - $10 souvenir cup | $7 souvenir refill
A mix of rum, fruit punch and Full Throttle energy drink

Mixed Drinks - $10 souvenir cup | $7 souvenir refills | $7 non-souvenir
Availalbe Liquor: Myers's Rum, Jose Cuervo Tequila, Russian Standard Vodka, Early Times Bourbon, Canadian Mist Whiskey, Long Island Iced Tea (pre-mix)

Souvenir Shot - $7.50 | $6 souvenir refill

Draft Beer - $9 souvenir cup | $6 souvenir refill | $6 20oz. Draft

Bottled/Canned Beer
Available at select carts throughout the park and in queues, selection varies by cart: Smirnoff Ice, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Heineken, Corona, Corona Light, Yuengling, Fosters and Red Stripe

Bottle of pre-mixed Jose Cuervo Margarita - $7
Available at most carts throughout the queues and select drink stands.

Blood Bag Jello Shots - $6...but, just don't. Unless you really feel like jello.

Review: Ante Up is another bright pink fruit punch/Full Throttle rum drink. Bartenders are tight lipped this year about what goes in it saying only "rum, fruit punch and Full Throttle". But it seems to have a hint of vanilla that's new. Are they using a vanilla rum? Maybe. But, if they are, they sure aren't using much of it. As has become expected with HHN's signature drink, this is not your best bang for the buck. Expect sweet and a little tart with plenty of caffeine and you'll be happy.
Ante Up Signature Cocktail pictured below in the 2011 HHN 21 souvenir glass (front & back).

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser
Order a non-souvenir Budweiser or Bud Light at select stands and check out the awesome Bottoms Up beer dispenser from GrinOn Industries. The bartender plops a cup onto the GrinOn spout and it automatically, quickly and foamlessly fills it to the brim. But, be careful, that special cup is holding your beer with the power of magnets. Poke out the magnet at the bottom and your beer will empty even faster than it filled!

Tacos Anyone?

Need some good grub during the night? Stop by the Korean BBQ tent by Twister for some surprisingly excellent beef and pork tacos. Ask nicely and maybe they'll even give you one of each in your order!
Korean BBQ Beef or Pork Tacos (2 each) - $7
Garlic Chili Chicken Wings - $8
Beer Special - add a Bud Light to the Tacos or Wings for an additional $3 
(Pictured below: beef tacos, garlic chicken wings, pork tacos)

HHN Bar & Food Locations

At HHN, you will find several extra bars and food booths set up just for the event. Here is a breakdown of where you can find them. There is also usually a small, cash-only beer cart in the house lines with assorted beer, bottled margaritas and sometimes wine. Also, Finnegan's Bar & Grill, Carmen's Veranda (near Mel's Dine-In), Bone Chillin' (at Monster's Cafe) and Chez Alcatraz should all be open.

Front Entrance - across from the Bakery on Hollywood Blvd.

Area by Toon Gift Shop/Animal Actors/ET

By Men In Black.

By Jaws/Saws n' Steam House.

In San Francisco, near Disaster.

Lagoon Side, just past Richter's Burgers.

Update 9-24: We were wrong about Finnegan's. Those extra taps were gone Saturday night.

New York, Central Park area side street by Monster's Cafe.

Across from Twister.

In front of Monster's Cafe.

Drink Info & Tips

1. Drinks are not allowed in the houses (alcoholic or NA). You will have to finish it before you get in. (with the long lines, not a problem!) 

2. Universal's drink policy is one drink per person. ID is mandatory, even with the "I'm over 21 bracelet" they will still ask for ID everytime. They are very strict about this. No ordering one for your friend and bringing it back to them. 

3. Souvenir Glasses - Just a blinking cup or a way to save a buck?
As prices have increased this cup has become a better deal. $10 for your first drink and $7 for refills and all of your drinks will be doubles for the price of a single for the rest of the night is how the cups are sold. Singles run $7 each so your break-even happens on your second souvenir drink at 4 drinks for $17 vs. your 3rd single for $21. The only bad news is that their "doubles" are poured with less alcohol than most bartenders would pour in a single. That being said, it's the same bartender calling half of their double a single, right? Further, if you're buying beer, all the souvenir cup will get you is a souvenir cup to bring home for an extra three bucks. Beer's served in the same 20oz. size whether you go for the souvenir or for a regular beer for $7.

4. Shots A variety of shots are available throughtout the event - either at the bars or from the bar girls who wander through the queues with trays of assorted alcoholic goodies. I know the jello shots are very popular but aside from the fun novelty of eating out of a blood bag, you're paying $6 for cherry jello. Skip it, even the employees joke about how little alcohol is in them.

5. Do not let anyone under the age of 21 hold your alcoholic drink for you - even for a second -  like while you tie your shoe. You will get taken away by security and tresspassed - meaning you are banned from Universal property for one year, and/or other possible charges. Universal is extremely strict about underage consumption. No exceptions. Your word of warning here.


HHN Auditions

Auditions begin July 12 for Halloween Horror Nights 2011! Due to high volume, they are doing auditions by appointment only this year. Visit UniversalAuditions.com/Orlando for the latest information.


Get Your HHN Fix All Year!

Many people walk right on by this theater without realizing what number one creepy Halloween Horror Nights icon calls this home.
It's Jack

Did you know that Jack can freak you out at any time of the year? Yup, him and his buddy the Caretaker have taken up permanent residence right here in the theater. These guys are so incredibly realistic and lifelike it completely freaks me out every time I drop by. I dare you to not stand there staring at them, just waiting for them to make the first move.


Once you get passed the fact that they're not real, check out the photos, drawings and brochures of Halloween Horror Nights of the past just behind them. There's lots of good stuff here for any HHN junkie to enjoy.


Oh, and don't move – there's a raptor right behind you...

This display has been here for a few years now. I hold out hope that they may add new horrors to it in the future. (And if you haven't seen the Horror Make Up Show here, you are truly missing out - it's one of the best shows in any of the parks!)