Catch some of music's hottest acts during Universal Orlando's Summer Concert Series. All concerts are included with your Universal Studios regular day admission. For ticket information visit

Saturdays June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 & July 6

Plus, you get FREE Admission to select CityWalk clubs on Concert nights with your ticket!

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Pitbull at Universal Studios Summer Concert

On June 19, 2010 Pitbull rocked Universal's Summer Concert stage. Despite the rainy night, Orlando got krazy! The intense hurricane-like rain in the late afternoon scared several people away and the light rain that started just before the concert got going surely hindered turn out but the people that did show, didn't let getting wet get in the way of a good time. What started as a light sprinkle turned into a heavy rain for almost the full concert. Towards the end nobody seemed to care anymore and just enjoyed the soaking wet dance party for what it was. 

This is the second year of the event, and unlike last year, they gave it a beachy, back-yard BBQ theme. Some Universal employees were dressed as lifeguards bouncing a beach ball around to park guests to get everyone into a party mood. They even had some seating by the entrance to Monster's Cafe with palm trees and adirondack chairs. Unfortunately, the big screens on each side of the stage and above the beverage stands that usually show a close up of the concert were just showing a Universal logo.  I'm assuming it was because of the rain.

To keep the crowd's hunger and thirst subdued Universal added temporary food and bar stands in front of Monster's Cafe in addition to the two permanent drink/light snack stands at the back sides of the concert area.

BBQ Pork Sandwich with fries & cole slaw - $8
Cheeseburger with fries & cole slaw - $8
Grilled Hot Dog with fries & cole slaw - $8
Roasted Corn on the Cob - $3
Watermelon - $3
Fries - $4
Fresh Lemonade - $3.50
Bottled Soda & Water - $2.75

Wait - is that $8 for a hot dog?? The same price as the BBQ sandwich?? I didn't have any food and didn't get to see this $8 hot dog but all I can say is that better be one big dog.

Domestic Draft Beer (Budweiser, Bud Light, Yuengling) - $6
Imported Draft Beer (Sam Adams, Foster's, Heineken) - $6.50
Long Island Iced Tea - $7
Mixed Drink - $7
Jager Bomb - $8
Black Cherry Bomb - $8

A few things to note: No specialty flashy-light glasses for this event this year. Also, you can't order more than one drink per person. Several people get upset that they can't bring one to their friend. Universal is very strict about this rule.

I've uploaded a few pics of the event. Bear with me, my camera isn't the best with low light shots, (especially in the rain) so no beauty pics here. You can view more over on the Flickr page. The video is shot from the camera from the back of the crowd, so when it's zoomed in, it's a little shaky, and being a few beers down didn't help!


Click the video's title to open it in YouTube to view full-screen.


Summer Concert Series - Tips & Information

General advice: 
If you want to be close enough that you can tell it's the performer you came to see and not just someone lipsyncing you'll need to camp out on a good spot EARLY. We've seen people sitting in the grass as early as 4pm for the show that starts at 9pm. Once the show gets started security places fences around the concert area and it's tough to get back in after a beer run or bathroom break. We've staked out our spot in front for one show but it wasn't worth the hassle. We usually watch most of the concerts from the back area near the Bone Chillin bar at the edge of the crowd and have a great time. They have two large screens, one over each snack stand, so those in back still have a pretty good view of what's happening on stage.

Is Rockit going to be running during the concerts?
 That is always the question, and the best answer we've gotten is that it depends on the performers. Some like the added excitement & fun it adds to the crowd; some want a more serious performance without the distraction. And then, of course, whether the finicky coaster feels like cooperating that night is the last factor.

We had a great time with LL Cool J one year, who kept it real . . . real, real. He put on a great show and had some fun with the crowd in the blistering hot night - he told us "Feels like I'm dancin' in a microwave with tinfoil shorts in here!" and told us next time he's bringing his stage-mounted firehoses to spray the crowd.

We also had a blast (albeit a wet one) at Pitbull's concert in 2010. You can read our review of his show in this post, which includes pictures and video of the concert.

All of Universal's concerts are just good, fun events. Cool (ok, humid) summer nights, a cold drink 
(or 3) and about a million (give or take a few) of your closest friends always make for a fun night.

If you have any questions about the concert events, ask away in the comments section or email. 

BONUS: Saturdays after the concert you can get FREE admission to select CityWalk clubs with your park ticket or annual pass!


Universal Studios Summer Concert Series 2013

©UniversalResortPart of this year's line up has just been announced with great acts that make me happy I've got an annual pass. No annual pass? No need to fret, the concerts are included with your regular park admission for Universal Studios! Concerts take place in the Music Plaza underneath Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.

June 1

June 8
Big Time Rush

June 15
Gavin DeGraw

June 22
Earth, Wind & Fire

June 29
Adam Lambert

July 6
Kip Moore