Welcome to the movies! Throughout Universal Studios you'll find several places to grab a cold one while enjoying a day at the park. Below you'll find menus and reviews for each restaurant, bar and snack carts that offers up a cold beer or cocktail. Be sure to check the links on the left for special events and more resort information.

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Beer Selection and Prices at Snack Carts and Counter Service Restaurants in Universal Studios

Throughout Universal Studios you will come across numerous snack & beverage carts that sell a variety of alcoholic beverages.

The beer selections vary by cart, and at any given time a cart that previously had beer available may not. Also, during peak times of the year, you may find extra temporary beer carts in queues and other spots throughout the park.

More Beer Selections at Bars
Be sure to visit Finnegan's Bar & Grill for a larger selection of Domestic and Import beers that you can get to-go. And don't forget a stop in Springfield at Moe's Tavern or Duff Brewery for an authentic Duff beer. Be sure to read all of the individual restaurant posts for their beer options.
Prices & Selections as of 3/2014.

 at Snack Carts & Counter Service Restaurants
20oz. Draft

• Budweiser - $6.25  |  Souvenir Pilsner - $8.25  |  Refills - $6.25
• Bud Light - $6.25  |  Souvenir Pilsner - $8.25  |  Refills - $6.25
• Blue Moon - $7  |  Souvenir Pilsner - $9.50  |  Refills - $7
• Heineken - $7.50  |  Souvenir Pilsner - $10  |  Refills - $7.50
• Miller Lite - $6.25  |  Souvenir Pilsner - $8.25  |  Refills - $6.25
• Yuengling - $6.75  |  Souvenir Pilsner - $9.25  |  Refills - $6.75
• Sam Adams Seasonal - $7  |  Souvenir Pilsner - $9.50  | Refills - $7 (only at Rip, Ride Rockit stand)
• Moretti - $6.50 (only at Louie's Pizza)

• Coors Light - $6.25
• Corona - $6.75
• Fosters - $7.75
• Heineken - $6.75
• Mike's Harder Lemonade - $8
• Miller Lite - $6.25
• Sam Adams - $6.25
• Smirnoff Ice - $6.25

Looking for a Cider? Visit Finnegan's Bar & Grill for a Strongbow.

Snack Cart by Park Entrance Gift Shop
Bottles: Sam Adams, Heineken, Mike's Harder Lemonade, Miller Lite

Snack Cart on Hollywood Blvd. near Terminator 2 3:D
Draft: Bud Light & Blue Moon

Snack Cart near ET
Bottles: Miller Lite & Heineken

Snack Cart by Animal Actors Show
Draft: Miller Lite & Bud Light

Snack Cart by The Simpsons Ride
Draft: Budweiser & Bud Light

Snack Cart inbetween The Simpsons & Men In Black area
Draft: Miller Lite & Yuengling

Snack Cart across from Men In Black ride
Bottles: Miller Lite & Coors Light

Snack Cart in front of Disaster ride
Draft: Miller Lite & Bud Light
Bottles: Coors Light, Smirnoff Ice, Heineken & Fosters

Bakery Across from Disaster ride
Bottles: Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona, Heineken & Coors Light

Snack Cart in front of Louie's Pizza Restaurant
Bottles: Miller Lite, Coors Light, Heineken & Fosters

Snack Cart at back of Music Plaza Stage
Draft: Bud Light & Blue Moon

Snack Cart by Hollywood Rip, Ride Rockit
Draft: Sam Adams Seasonal & Heineken

While the signs may have disappeared, if you tell the bartenders at Finnegan's you're an Annual Passholder and ask about Happy Hour, they'll give you the discount - so be sure to ask. Also, don't forget to check out the Happy Hour specials in CityWalk to enjoy as well.

Prices, selection and locations subject to change without notice. 

Beverly Hills Boulangerie Bakery

A great stop for breakfast, lunch or a mid-day beer! Located at the front of the park, just after the turnstiles, next to the main giftshop.

Bottled Beer
Miller Lite, Coors Light & Heineken

Pastries, sandwiches, salads, fruit, coffee and some excellent pies and cheesecakes.

A little quick stop place with a few tables inside, but more umbrella tables outside. A nice spot to sit and watch the parade in the afternoon. 

Updated 3/2014 


Bone Chillin'

Located in front of Monster’s Cafe restaurant, by the Rockit Music Plaza. Specialty frozen drinks and beer available.

Specialty - $8.25
Frozen Slush Drinks - Pina Colada or Margarita

Draft Beer
Miller Lite & Heineken

Pour Quality 

Pretzels, chips

None really, just a walk-up counter bar with giant monsters on top. Enjoy your beer bum style and wander over to the nearby ‘central park’ and have a seat on a park bench (paper bag not included - panhandling optional) or head over to the Monster's Cafe and get some AC while you check out the authentic monster movie memorabilia.

2013 Update 
This location used to be a limited full-service bar that would pour mixed drinks as well. Now, well, it depends. The standard answer seems to be "no", but we've also got a rum & coke here without any issue. 

Updated 3/2014


Carmen's Veranda

Located near Mel’s Drive In. This to-go stand has a small selection of frozen drinks and beer available.

Frozen Drinks - $8.25:
Margarita or Pina Colada

Draft Beer
Miller Lite & Budweiser

Bottled/Canned Beer
Heineken & Coors Light

Pour Quality 

Pretzels and Chips

Walk-up counter service. The building behind the stand houses the bar’s old location, which is no longer open. The counter service restaurant in the building has had new life breathed back into it and now serves as a Character Breakfast. You'll find a set of patio furniture behind the stand and a nice fountain with some shade provided by the large live oaks. 

The next door Allah Villas are a re-creation of the apartments where Marilyn Monroe was discovered in Hollywood. Not much beyond some nice scenery and cleverly disguised offices that you can wish you worked in but now you've got an interesting fact that you can share with your friends to prove you're dorkier than them - like you needed proof, right? Plus, you can walk right through the villas which is a short cut to the Toon area & ET ride.

2012 Updated Review 
Carmen used to mix up some tasty, unique, frozen drinks here that we really enjoyed. Unfortunately, they've taken away a few of the specialty liquors required to make them (most notably Midori) and now only make "typical" frozen drinks, such as Strawberry, Pina Colada, Margarita, etc.

Frankly, the new slush drinks aren't much of a replacement and don't warrant a stop on your imbibary tour. We recently sampled the Margarita. It was strangely salty and heavy on sour mix. Not exactly the sweet yet tart thirst quencher we're looking for on a hot day. That said, they pour a fine beer if you're in need of some suds.

To those of you, like us, that miss the old stuff. We'll keep the old list here for posterity. Of course, you can always still make them at home with our cocktail recipes too!
Potion of the Aztecs
Frozen Pina Colada with Strawberry and Orange with Bacardi Light Rum

Mayan’s Margarita
Frozen Margarita with Cuervo Gold Tequila and Blue Curacao

Lemonade La Bamba
Minute Maid Raspberry with Bacardi Limon Rum

Carmen’s Colada
Frozen Pina Colada with Malibu Rum and Midori Melon liquor

Strawberry Desert Daiquiri
Made with Bacardi Light Rum
RIP Carmen's Colada. You were one of the best. Magic won't bring back this Potion of the Aztecs.Updated 3/2014


Chez Alcatraz

Chez Alcatraz, while a full-service bar, also has a novelty specialty drink menu and tasty appetizers. Yes, that kitchen in the middle of the bar is once again fully functional and serving up some delicious small bites.

You can also look forward to meeting their new permanent resident - Bruce the Shark from the Jaws attraction! What's that you say? You've already met? Great, buy him a drink! We're thrilled to see what has always been one of our favorite bars getting some much deserved new attention.

Specialty Drinks 
The Alcatraz
- $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Pinnacle vodka, Chambord, sour mix, triple sec.

The Rock
- $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Jim Beam Bourbon, sour mix, Sprite and fresh mint.

San Francisco Bay Breeze - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Malibu coconut rum, cranberry and pineapple juice.

Escape - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, peach schnapps, splash of sour mix and Coke.

Frozen Mojito - $9.50  |  Souvenir - $12
Bacardi Limon, key lime juice, cane sugar and fresh mint.

Shark Attack - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Malibu coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice and a dash of grenadine.

The Breakout - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Southern Comfort, Disaronno amaretto liquor, sour mix, orange juice and a splash of Sprite.

Bruce - $8.50  |  Souvenir - $11
Jose Cuervo Gold tequila, Grand Marnier, sour mix and a splash of orange juice.

Bottled Beer
Smirnoff Ice, Foster's, Corona, Sam Adams, Heineken, Coors Light

Draft Beer
Bud Light, Blue Moon, Yuengling

Choose from Red & Blue Chips, Chili, Shrimp Cocktail, Margherita Flatbread & more. View menu below.

Pour Quality

Beverage Service Hours 
Noon - 9pm (Roughly. Occasionally closes earlier if crowds are low)

Food Service Hours 
Noon - around 6pm
 (depends on crowd)

This is a fun "beach style" open-air bar with belly-up stools and a few tables and high-tops overlooking the San Francisco harbor. You'll now find ample seating all along the wharf. There are 2 TVs behind the bar as well. Bringing Bruce (the Jaws shark) over to the bar has already proven to be an excellent move. The excited crowd streaming into this once quiet hideaway to get their pictures taken with Bruce reinvigorates the bar with a new sense of energy. Now it's an even better place for people watching or daydreaming about taking that big yellow Donzi for a spin. 

We stopped by on 3/31/12 and had the fortune of stumbling onto Che'z Alcatraz' opening weekend of the revamp. Excited that one of our favorite stops at Universal is getting new life, we had to try a few drinks - all in the name of research, of course!

Left - Alcatraz, Right - BruceBruce
For our first drink, it only seemed appropriate to order-up the one named after the bar's new resident - Bruce the Shark. Bruce is a margarita with the added splash of some orange juice. Tasty, and the splash of OJ gives it a nice freshly squeezed fruit flavor. You can order Bruce without the souvenir cup to save a few bucks.

The Alcatraz

We wouldn't mind being stuck in jail if they served these! Vodka with Chambord and some sour makes a unique sweet yet sour concoction. Chambord is soooo good, how can you ever go wrong with it?

The mix of Crown, Captain, peach schnapps, sour and Coke makes for one interesting, savory yet sweet drink. The mellow flavors of Crown Royal always play nicely with a spiced rum and the peach schnapps add to the complexity and sweetness of this smooth cocktail.

Frozen Mojito

This one sounded a little strange but after seeing several pouring out of the blender for other guests we thought "Now just what kind of researcher are you if you don't try this?" Che'z' take on the traditional mojito is prepared with fresh mint leaves just like the original but they're thrown in the blender with a mix of juices (supplied by Bacardi) that make the final product similar to a margarita. The drink is garnished with a healthy sprig of fresh mint. The tart lime margarita flavor is spiked with little chopped up bits of mint leaves to continually provide a great smooth mint flavor to your icey cold blended drink.

Red & Blue Chips

While enjoying our cocktails, we decided a little bar grub was in order and picked up the Red & Blue Chips to munch on. Presented in a metal pail, these thick and crunchy kettle-style chips are tossed in a moderately hot buffalo sauce and then sprinkled with blue cheese crumbles. Aside from the fact that it could've had a few more crumbles, it's a fun snack that is worth a stop. In all fairness
we're stinky cheese lovers so even if it was a pound of bleu we'd still be asking for more. And for a theme park, you get a pretty good value for your buck on this snack with chips piled all the way from the bottom of the bucket up to the top.

Updated 3/2014


Duff Brewery

Grab a beer at the infamous (that means it's so famous it's "in" famous, right?) Duff Brewery. You may remember Duff Brewery from such episodes as "Duffless" and "Homer vs. the Eighteenth amendment". This open-air bar provides lots of seating at the bar and several tables with umbrellas on the waterfront. You'll find this bar in the new Springfield area near The Simpsons ride.

*Now serving liquor cocktails!*

10am-park close (beer service after 12pm on Sunday)

20oz. Draft Duff - $7.75
20oz. Draft Duff Lite - $7.75
12oz. Bottle Duff Dry - $7
20oz. Souvenir Mug - $10 then $7.75 for refills (Duff Dry refills $7)

Liquor - about $7.50
Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, Russian Standard Vodka
(They have a Long Island Iced Tea pre-mix but we do not recommend this unless you like a big glass of sour. Skip it.)

Read our review of Duff Beer here.

N/A Specialty Drinks
Flaming Moe - $7.99
"The signature specialty drink of Springfield."

Buzz Cola - $2.99
"A zero calorie cherry flavored soda."

Here you'll find some potato chips, nachos and hot dogs. If you want some more interesting and tasty food, head across the street into Krusty Burger where you'll find a Food Court with several options including the famed Krusty Burger, a chicken & waffle sandwich and lots more. Read our review of a few items here.

Now you can tour the famed Duff Brewery just like Homer did. However, unlike on the show where Homer & Barney find out that Duff, Duff Lite and Duff Dry are all the same beer, here they are very different beers, and quite good.

You'll find "The 7 Little Duffs" in topiary form along with little plaques that showcase their Snow White's Seven Dwarfs style attitude appropriate names. Say hello to 
Edgy, Remorseful, Dizzy, Tipsy, Surly, Queasy and Sleazy in person. A big thanks goes out to Duff Gardens theme park for allowing Universal to borrow these tasteful topiaries.

If you're looking for all things Duff head to the Brewery gift shop. Don't forget to say hello to Duffman on your way out, "Oh Yeah!". 

There's a ton of outdoor seating overlooking the lagoon which provides a great place to enjoy some shade with plenty of fans providing a nice breeze. Prime seats up front for the night time Cinematic Spectacular show will go for a prime price but very well could be worthwhile. As we've all known for years, beer and a fancy water show go together pretty well. If you just want to casually view the night time show and don't mind a seat that would be labeled "partially obstructed viewing" at your favorite stadium, a spot at the bar should be just fine. 

VIP Cinematic Spectacular Seating
• $15 per person (including tax & gratuity), includes a cupcake and a non-alcoholic beverage.
• Seating area begins two hours before the show.

Don't forget to visit Moe's Tavern right across the street

Updated 3/2014 


Finnegan's Bar & Grill

Located directly across from Revenge of the Mummy. Full-service bar with Happy Hour and a sit-down restaurant, if it wasn't for the prices, it'd be easy to forget you're still at a theme park.

Full-service bar, beer & wine

Premium Drafts
Bud Light, Yuengling, Blue Moon, Tennents, Guinness, Strongbow Cider, Harp, Smithwick's

Bottled Beers
Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Corona, Amstel Light, Heineken, Heineken Light, Newcastle, Smirnoff Ice

Beer Cocktails - $7.50
Black & Tan - Guinness & Yuengling
Irish Shandy - Smithwick's & Sprite
Blacksmith - Guinness & Smithwick's
Black & Blue - Guinness & Blue Moon
Black Velvet - Guinness & Cider

Flight of Beer Sampler - $8.95
Sample 5 four ounce beer cocktails and take home one of the Finnegan's Souvenir flight glasses.

Premium Draft Sampler - $8.95
A sample of 5 four ounce import draft beers - Guinness, Smithwick's, Blue Moon, Tennents, Harp

The Classic Whiskeys of Ireland
Jameson, Bushmills Malt 10, Midleton, Bushmills Malt 16, Redbreast, Michael Collins

Specialty Drinks
Jumbo 40oz. souvenir glass for sharing & you keep the glass - $17.95
A 14oz. non-souvenir - $8.50

Shark Attack - Be careful of what lurks in these deep blue waters. Coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite.

Mummy's Revenge
- After drinking one of these you'll be crying for your mummy. Absolut vodka, Chambord, sweet & sour and triple sec.

Earthquake - Try measuring this one on the Richter scale. Jose Cuervo, Grand Marnier and sour mix.

Twister - Too many of these and you'll be looking for Toto. Smirnoff Raspberry and Orange twist vodkas, triple sec and orange juice.

Rum Neuralyzer - No flash of light will make you forget this fruity blend of Bacardi light rum, Myers's dark rum, blackberry and banana liqueur, all mixed together in a variety of juices.

Coffee Specialty Drinks
Irish Coffee - Jameson's Irish Whiskey and fresh brewed coffee topped with whipped cream and creme de menthe.

Bailey's n' Coffee - Ireland's Bailey's Irish Cream and coffee topped with whipped cream.

Pot of Gold - Grand Mariner, Kahlua and Bailey's with fresh brewed coffee topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with gold cinnamon.

Blarney Stone - Bailey's Irish cream and nutty Frangelico with fresh brewed coffee topped with whipped cream.

Irish Beer Shake - Guinness Stout blended with a creamy vanilla shake. Add Bailey's Irish Cream or Jameson's Irish Whiskey floater.

Pour Quality

Order from the restaurant menu & eat at the bar is welcomed. View the full menu here.

Cross between an Irish pub and your ol' college frat bar. We've never been here without it being packed. Any time after early afternoon you can expect it to be pretty tough to get the bartenders' attention to get served. The bar is large, with about 20 seats along with a couple leather chairs & tables and it's generally filled with a loud, energy-filled atmosphere as the crowd watches the ‘game du jour’ on one of the TVs behind the bar.

And, for better or worse, there’s often live entertainment performing, usually a sole singer (not soul singer) with a guitar singing classic rock but it varies from day to day. The performance is always cranked up to 11 so it can be difficult to have a conversation during the show but they take frequent breaks so just tough it out. This restaurant/bar is open on a regular basis. There is a restroom in the bar but it's small & gets crowded quickly. You'll often be better off using the restrooms across the street by the arcade.

We used to say stay away from their mixed drinks because they were poured poorly with a closely-watched sure shot. We are happy to report that lately (as of spring/summer 2011) the quality of the pour has greatly improved. As of 3/2014 we continue to state that the pours are very fair.

Appetizer Review
After finding a few rare seats at the bar, we decided to make use of it and order a few appetizers while we were there. We decided to share the Scotch Eggs - Hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, dusted with bread crumbs and fried. Served with apple beet salad and mustard sauce for $5.99. and the Cornish Pasti - Bite-size pastry pies stuffed with ground beef, potatoes and carrots also for $5.99.

The Scotch Eggs are excellent - soft, perfectly boiled egg with a lightly spicy sausage around the outside. The fried batter is just the right consistency, any thicker and it wouldn't have been as good. The mustard sauce gave it the perfect amount of spice it needed. It could only have been better if it had been wrapped in bacon. What a perfect drinking snack and we will be ordering these again.

The Cornish Pasti arrived with the bartender's recommendation of throwing on a little A1 sauce, so of course we listened. Very similar to a Chinese potsticker, but with beef, veggies and potatoes. Unfortunately, we couldn't tell that those 3 ingredients were in there, it was mashed up mix of the ingredients that didn't produce any stand-out flavor on their own. Rather bland and plain, and over "cooked" - too long in the microwave maybe? It definitely needed the A1. Probably better for that non-adventurous eater in your group. Not going to order these again as long as the Scotch Eggs are available!

After a ride on one of our favorite coasters, The Mummy, we decided it was only appropriate to finally try the drink named after it - Mummy's Revenge. Our best advice with these specialty drinks is to go for the 14oz. non-souvenir $7.50 version - do you really want to be lugging around that giant fishbowl-style glass around the park? Anyway, this drink can be best described as "Chambordy goodness". Nice pours on the vodka & chambord with just a hint of the sweet & sour, this is one excellent cocktail. Considering Chambord is a rather expensive liquor, you definitely get your money's worth with this one.

Can't remember what you drank the night before? Blame it on the Rum Neuralyzer - this potent mix of light and dark rum with some fruit juices thrown in the mix make for one no-nonsense concoction. The blackberry & banana liqueur give it a fun "what's that" flavor to the typical fruit juices. Nothing too unique here, kinda your typical tropical drink, but it's good. Now if it only came with some cool black Ray Bans as a garnish...

Sink your teeth into a Shark Attack in rememberance of Jaws. This sweet concoction of coconut rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice topped off with a splash of Sprite is a rather typical tropical drink - but it's a nice even mix of ingredients. It could use a tiny drop of grenadine to simulate blood, but apparently the cherry is supposed to play that roll. Go ahead and order up this coconut specialty and remember Bruce the shark loved coconut drinks. He did. Seriously. (Photo taken on Jaws' last day of operation.)

Too bad real tornados aren't made up of raspberry vodka, orange vodka, triple sec and oj. This refreshing orange juice Twister cocktail is just what you need on a hot Florida day in the park. This is a PTTP favorite.

We spied this photo on the wall last time we were in here. You know what's on this soldier's mind.

Updated 3/2014


Lombard's Landing

You'll feel like your about to watch a fisherman pull in his latest catch as you wander around the wharf area by Lombard's Landing restaurant.

Open for lunch and dinner, with special dining packages available that get you priority viewing for the Cinematic Spectacular lagoon show.

Specialty Drinks
Fisherman's Blast - $12
Served in a souvenir glass. (Ask for without to save a few $)
Pinnacle Berry vodka, Black Raspberry Razzmatazz, Peach Schnapps, orange, pineapple and cranberry juices.

Waterfront - $12
Served in a souvenir glass. (Ask for without to save a few $)
Captain Morgan Original spiced rum, Malibu coconut rum, orange, pineapple and cranberry juices.

Lombard's Frozen Margarita - $8
Cuervo Gold tequila, sour mix.

San Francisco Mojito - $9
Bacardi light rum, fresh limes, simple syrup, fresh mint.

Sea Breeze - $9
Ketel One vodka, cranberry, grapefruit juice.

Lynchburg Lemonade - $9
Jack Daniels, triple sec, sours and a splash of Sprite.

Misty Pear - $9
Peach Van Gogh vodka, pear juice with a splash of Sprite.

Martinis & Cocktails
Cucumber Martini - $8
Effen Cucumber vodka, St-Germain liquor with a fresh squeezed lime and lemon juice.

Lombard's Cosmo - $8
Russian Standard vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime, fresh lemon and cranberry juice.

Ocean Side - $9
Bacardi white rum, Stoli Vanilla vodka, Malibu Coconut rum, cream of coconut, toasted coconut.

Orange Fizz - $10
Champagne, St-Germain liquor, blood orange puree.

Bourbon Old Fashioned - $8
Jim Beam bourbon, bitters, orange, sugar cube, maraschino cherry, club soda.

Cognac Sidecar - $10
Courvoisier VS, Cointreau, fresh lemon, served on the rocks.

Bottled Beer
Domestic - $5
Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light

Import - $6.50
Amstel Light, Corona, Heineken, Heineken Light

Microbrews - $6.50
Sam Adams Seasonal, Anchor Steam

Draft Beer
American Draft - $6.25
Bud Light

Premium Draft - $7
Sam Adams, Blue Moon

A selecton of white & red wines are available by glass and bottle.

White Sangria - Glass $5  |  Half Pitcher (serves 2) $10  |  Pitcher (serves 4) $15
White wine, brandy, apple juice and fresh citrus.

Pour Quality

A variety of seafood dishes like fish & chips, fried oysters, also burgers, salads & sandwiches. Reasonable prices for a full-service restaurant in a theme park. View their menu here.

A much more unique and detailed interior than you would expect from the outside. Old Victorian styling, with gold accents and rich colors and fabrics, a bit steampunk-ish even. The center piece of the main dining room is a large salt water aquarium. The full windows provide a great view of the lagoon and the patio area. There is also an upstairs, which only opens during the busiest of seasons.

The Fisherman's Blast (left) starts out like a typical fruity concoction, but then the tartness from the raspberry and cranberry hit you and give it a surprising sour punch.

The Waterfront (right) is more like your typical fruity drink - refreshing and reliable. Both are a bit pricey for the simple ingredients, but they were made expertly.

We were pleasantly surprised with the quality and value of our lunch choices as well. For about a buck or two more than a counter service burger (plus tip, of course) you can dine here and have a significantly tastier meal in a quiet and nicely air conditioned environment. Be sure to give this place a try on your next visit.

Updated 3/2014


Louie's Pizza

Mama Mia! Enjoy some pizza and other Italian goodies in this counter service eatery. Located near The Mummy in the New York area of the park. Lots of seating in here, and usually pretty cool in the summer. And even if you don't want to eat, the delicious garlic-y smells are free! 

Draft Beer
Budweiser & Bud Light
Moretti Italian Beer

Pinot Grigio - $6
Chianti - $6

Pizza, Spaghetti, Meatball Subs, Caesar Salads, etc. Don't miss the refreshing and delicious Sorbet & Gelato at the counter in the back of the restaurant - when it's open. Hours are odd, but if you see it open, grab a dish - we highly recommend it.

An eclectic collection of typical "Italian restaurant" odds & ends. Dark brown wood tables, checkered tablecloths and tchotchke on the walls make this a homey, casual place to grab a bite to eat.

Updated 1/2014 


MIB Beverage Stand

Drinks: Assorted bottled beer

Pretzels, Churros, Popcorn &, wait for it, . . . CRICKETS!

Just a walk up stand, this location is really an excuse to talk about eating crickets, which, incidentally, aren't even at the stand, they're in the nearby MIB gift shop next to the cash register. The small boxes contain about 10 crickets and come in your choice of bacon & cheese, sour cream & onion or salt & vinegar. Here's the shocker, they're actually delicious! They're crispy and crunchy and, in addition to the flavor of your choice, have a pleasant "green" flavor, similar to pistachios. Need another reason to try them? How about that they're a good source of low calorie protein? Or how about that America is one of only a handful of countries on Earth that doesn't consider bugs a normal part of its diet? The only "catch" in my mind is that they're a little addictive and crazy expensive at $2 a box of about 10 crickets.

For the people that refuse to eat crickets and skipped past that whole paragraph, here's something worth reading.  MIB is a great ride and often has a line that's about 45-60min.  I'll give you two MAJOR secrets about this ride, seriously, these are so big that if anyone finds out my identity, I could be in danger.  First off, hold the trigger down the entire time.  It'll auto-repeat and you get points just for shooting.  Secondarily, forget about that 45-60 min line, go single rider.  You'll rarely wait more than 5-10 min in the quick moving line and you'll usually be on the same car as your other partner, occasionally ending up sitting right next to them because of the 3+3 cars that force big parties into strange configurations.  One more thing, just for something to "shoot" for, there are some very high scoring items to hit in MIB and it's possible to max out your score at 999,999.

Now that I saved you 50 min of standing in line and upped your score by a few thousand points, how about trying those crickets on the way out? Come on, you're on vacation!

********** Update ************

They now have crickets and mealworms available at both MIB and Jurassic Park - no need to make that tough decision for which park to go to based on which bug you want to snack on.


Moe's Tavern

Welcome to Moe's! Step right into the bar we all know and love from The Simpsons. Grab a seat next to Barney and order up a Duff beer. This tavern is located just steps away from The Simpsons attraction. While they currently only serve 3 different Duff beers here, it's expected that they'll have liquor in the coming months.

10am-park close (beer service after 12pm on Sunday)

20oz. Draft Duff - $7.75
20oz. Draft Duff Lite - $7.75
12oz. Bottle Duff Dry - $7

20oz. Souvenir Mug - $10 then $7.75 for refills (Duff Dry refills $7)

N/A Specialty Drinks
Flaming Moe - $7.99
"The signature specialty drink of Springfield."

Buzz Cola - $2.99
"A zero calorie cherry flavored soda."

Head to the back of the bar where you can enter the main food court with several options. Enjoy a Krusty Burger, a Chicken & Waffle sandwich and more! Bags of chips are sold at the bar.

You have officially stepped into the world of the Simpsons. Universal did a brilliant job at bringing to life everyone's favorite cartoon bar. While you won't find Moe behind the bar, the bartenders will pour you a Duff straight from the tap. Nearly every detail you love about Moe's has been brought to life. There's a pool table in the middle of the bar, but its plexiglass cover allows it to be used as a table. The tables and booths are reserved for those with food from the attached food court, at least during the busier meal times of the day. 
The back wall is lined with comically plush red booths. Multiple high-top tables are scattered throughout the rest of the area. The long bar along the wall has about 15 stools for you to grab a Duff and hang out. A TV mounted above the bar is playing Simpsons cartoons. In the corner you can test your love on the free Love Tester. And last, but definitely not least, Barney is here for photo ops.

The only thing missing is the jar of pickled eggs.


Duff Beer
Duff is specially brewed just for Universal Studios, by Florida Beer Company. Duff is like your basic American lager. Light golden in color, subtle maltyness and very little hoppy aftertaste. Basic, crisp and easy to drink. Much like a Bud.

Duff Dry
Now this Duff is much more interesting and would likely be classified as a chocolate stout if we weren't in Springfield. If you're looking for a richly flavored dark, hoppier beer this one is right up your alley. Complex flavors of caramel with just a touch of chocolate and finishes with a sharp, dark hop bite.

It's a shame they made these amazing Duff labels for the bottles, but you don't get to keep the bottle. If you don't get the souvenir cup your beer is just poured into a regular plain plastic cup - what's the point? No indication that you're enjoying a specialty brew. It would be very cool (and help advertise) if they made the plastic cups with a printed Duff label on them. Hopefully they'll realize what they're missing out on and get some new cups printed. After all, the Buzz Cola comes in a cup with Springfield printed on it.  

However, we did notice that on our receipt for our Duff Dry is listed as "Alum 16z Duff Dry". Hmmm. Maybe we'll be getting aluminum Duff bottles afterall...

Flaming Moe
First some background on just what a "Flaming Moe" is. Homer tells Moe about a drink recipe that he accidentally invented one night, called the "Flaming Homer". He was unable to find a beer one night, so he decided to mix together drops of liquor from near-empty bottles and accidentally included a bottle of Krusty Brand non-narcotic cough syrup. Sister-in-law Patty dropped cigarette ash into the drink and set it on fire. Moe loved the drink and proudly served it at his bar, until he was asked by fancy new customers what this amazing new drink was called. Homer was stopped short before he could answer as Moe Blurted out "It's called a Flaming Moe; I'm Moe and I invented it."

Ok, so you've got your history on the drink, so here's the #1 disappointing part - it's non-alcoholic. (I'll pause for your audible "What?") Yup, we know. So obviously Universal wanted to make their new signature drink something everyone can enjoy. This could be fixed if they could add a shot to it, but as of opening, this is not a full service bar - Duff beer only.

How does it taste? Like carbonated Tang. A citrusy, bubbly soda that's sure to be a hit regardless of the lack of alcohol. This 12oz. special layered cup has dry ice in the bottom portion to give it that "flaming" look. The unique souvenir cup it's served in is yours to keep, and it better be after paying $8 for a small, n/a drink. The bartenders optimistically told us they are hoping to be serving liquor in the not too distant future, so maybe, just maybe we'll get our alcoholic version soon.

Buzz Cola
Do you like Cherry Coke but wish it was more cherry flavored? Well this refreshment is more cherry than cola! Bonus, it has zero calories with all that flavor.

Chicken & Waffle Sandwich at Cletus' Chicken Shack
Not your typical theme park fare here! An extra crispy chicken breast between two toasted waffles served with a to-die-for maple syrup mayo and a side of tator tots. Crispy, juicy and it's plenty big enough, and surely plenty o' calories, for two to share. The maple syrup mayo could be eaten with a spoon. 

Basket O' Calamari at The Frying Dutchman
Big, tender pieces of calamari strips that were perfectly fried and tasty. Calamari is often hit or miss at any restaurant between overcooked rubber bands and undercooked soggy breading, but our basket hit the sweet spot. While the calories are likely still plenty, this one would leave a second diner pretty hungry.

Krusty Burger
Here it is. You know you've wanted to try one ever since your first Simpsons episode featuring that clown. Fortunately for us, this burger isn't the awful one in the show, it's actually the best burger from any counter service in Universal Studios. The burger patty itself may not be the star ingredient, but what it's lacking there it makes up for with the creamy cheese topping and fresh tomato and lettuce. The fries are nicely crispy, but need a dousing from your topping of choice as they're a bit dry, but did we mention they're curly? That almost makes up for it! This burger is plenty big enough for two to split for a filling lunch. Top it off with a Duff Beer for the ultimate Simpsons foodie experience. This is one we order regularly to share when we're at the parks.

Flaming Moe's at the Food Court
If Moe's Tavern is too busy, you can head into the food court and stop at the Flaming Moe's window for Duff beer, a Flaming Moe, Buzz Cola, and a few more specialty fruit drinks. The three Duff Beers are bottle pours here, so you get a 12oz. cup for $6.50 for each. 

Don't forget to visit where Duff Beer comes from - the Duff Brewery right across the street!

Updated 3/2014


Monster's Cafe

Love classic movie monsters? Then you're in the right place. Each uniquely themed room to a classic monster is rich in detail and decor. Whether you're enjoying a sandwich with Swampthing or a burger with Dracula, young & old alike will get a spooky kick out of these old, original pieces of movie memorabilia.

Draft Beer
Miller Lite & Bud Light

Assorted "American" favorites like ribs, chicken and burgers.

As mentioned, each room is intricately detailed with a different monster movie theme. You'll find original movie props (Universal did create the monster movie after all) in each room. Dark, spooky and more intimate feeling than the other "wide-open cafeteria-style" counter service restaurants. This cafe is an attraction itself. Be sure to check out all the pieces of memorabilia on the walls before you leave.

Updated 3/2014 


Richter's Burgers

It's an earthquake! Richter's is themed to look like it just survived an earthquake, with cracks in the walls and toppled over decor. This big, bright counter service restaurant is also one of the coldest in the summer months. Located (obviously) right across from the Disaster attraction. Don't miss the patio in the back and side that overlooks the lagoon.

Bottled/Canned Beer
Miller Lite & Heineken

Burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc.

Along with the fun "survived an earthquake" theme, you'll find posters, signs and memorabilia about old-fashioned earthquake equipment. Another good place to read the fun stuff on the walls - some of the old-timey signs are quite entertaining! If you walk around the back of the restaurant you'll find that it connects to the next door bakery and candy shop if you're craving a homemade brownie or fudge.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley

London Waterfront
Before you enter the magical world of Diagon Alley, you'll wander the streets of London. Here you'll find two different areas to find some English brews.

Snack Stand
This stand has some interesting potato options as well as a couple canned beers.

Hot Dog with crisps - $9.99
Jacket Potato with beans and cheese - $7.99
Jacket Potato with broccoli and cheese - $7.99
Shepard's Pie Jacket Potato - $7.99
Loaded Jacket Potato - $7.99
Crisps - $2.99

Canned Beer
Stella Artois, Amstel Light - $6.75

Kings Cross Station
Before you hop aboard the Hogwart's Express to Hogsmeade, inside the queue you'll find a small snack stand selling fruit, sandwichs and other assorted small snacks along with canned British beers - that you can take on the train! 

Canned Beer
Strongbow, Boddingtons, Tennent's, John Smith's Extra Smooth Ale, Old Speckled Hen, Stella Artois - $6.75

Diagon Alley
Once you find your way into Diagon Alley, prepare to be in awe. Words and photos cannot capture the full impact of this area. 

The Leaky Cauldron
If you're not careful you just might miss this restaurant located immediately to the left after you enter Diagon Alley. Here you'll find a large assortment of English entrees and several beers on tap.

Fish & Chips - $13.99
Ploughman's Platter for 2 - $19.99
Bangers & Mash - $11.99
Toad in the Hole - $8.99
Beef, Lamb & Guinness Stew - $12.99
Cottage Pie - $11.99
Fisherman's Pie - $14.99
Mini Pie Combination - $12.99
Soup & Salad - $8.99
Banger Pub Style Sandwich - $11.99
Specialty Chicken Sandwich - $10.99

A Kids menu is also available.

20oz. Draft Beer
Heineken, Amstel Light, Newcastle, Angry Orchard, Yuengling, Strongbow, Stella Artois, London Pride - $7.50
Dragon Scale - $7.75
Wizard's Brew - $7.75

Fire Whiskey - a cinnamon-flavored whiskey similar to Fireball, best mixed with Angry Orchard.

The Hopping Pot
Down the alley off to the right after your entrance, located in the Carkitt Market area of Diagon you'll find this walk-up counter selling beer, Butterbeer and other unique beverages.

20oz. Draft Beer
Heineken, Amstel Light, Newcastle, Angry Orchard, Yuengling, Strongbow, Stella Artois, London Pride - $7.50
Dragon Scale - $7.75
Wizard's Brew - $7.75

Fire Whiskey
A cinnamon-flavored whiskey similar to Fireball, best mixed with Angry Orchard.

Butterbeer - $3.99
Frozen Butterbeer - $4.99
Pumpkin Juice - $3.99
Tongue Tying Lemon Squash - $4.79
Otter's Fizzy Orange Juice - $4.79
Gillywater - $4
Peachtree Fizzing Tea - $4.79
Fishy Green Ale - $4.99

Cornish Pasties - $6.99
Bag of Crisps - $3.99

The Fountain of Fair Fortune
Further down Diagon Alley near Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream is another counter service store that sells beer and Butterbeer...and only the Butterbeer flavored ice cream.

20oz. Draft Beer
Amstel Light, London Pride, Strongbow - $7.50
Dragon Scale - $7.75
Wizard's Brew - $7.75

Beverage Carts
Throughout Diagon Alley you may find a few temporary Beverage Carts with beer, pumpkin juice, water and other various bottled/canned beverages. These locations may move or disappear at any time.

Canned Beer
Most carts have Strongbow, Stella Artois and Amstel Light. 
This selection is subject to change.

Diagon Alley Craft Beer Reviews

Left: Wizard's Brew, Right: Dragon ScaleGreat News! No matter which new beer you choose you'll find a delicious, refreshing beer in your cup brewed by Florida Beer Company.

Wizard's Brew
A double chocolate stout, dark brown in color with characteristic rich roasted malty notes. Chocolate stouts generally (but not always) refer only to the dark color of the beer but Wizard's Brew has strong overtones of actual chocolate in both aroma and flavor. The beer is lightly hopped and leaves very little bitterness on the palate. Easy to drink and a new favorite when we're at the park.

Dragon Scale
A smooth red ale. Only moderately hopped with notable dark malty notes that are slightly uncommon in a red, but delicious. Very slightly sweet with a bright finish customarily found in a red. Also highly recommended.

Fire Whiskey & Angry Orchard Cocktail
Mix up this cinnamon-y flavord whiskey with some Angry Orchard cider to take the edge off the harsh bite of the whiskey, but it still packs a mean punch. The Fire Whiskey is also available as a shot.
Fire Whiskey & Angry Orchard Cider

Updated 7/2014. We expect prices and selection may change as they adjust after the grand opening.