Enjoy some delicious latin foods, authentic beer, and concerts at this fiery festival held on Saturdays in March at SeaWorld Orlando. All of the festivities are included with your regular park admission. Visit SeaWorld.com for ticket information. Are you an Annual Passholder? Then you're in luck - you get a good discount on the food & beer.

Saturdays at SeaWorld • April 26 - May 17, 2014

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Viva la Musica at SeaWorld 2011

2011 Review
Viva la Musica at SeaWorld

The Viva la Musica festival at SeaWorld this year is very similar to last year's in regards to atmosphere & entertainment. In this section, we'll highlight what's new this year, which includes a great drink addition!

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila Margarita - $6
Myers's Platinum Rum Mojito - $6
Corona, Presidente, Polar beer - $5.50
Shock Top & LandShark - $6
Cabernet Sauvignon & Chardonnay - $6
Sangria - $6

Pour Quality: Average

These drinks are avilable at specific stands around the festival area. Regular Budweiser, Bud Light & Bud Light Lime are available at the food booths, along with the Sangria.

The cool thing about the Margarita & Mojito - they are poured straight from taps! Yes, tapped specialty drinks. And they are surprisingly decently mixed as well. While the Margarita is simply straight poured from the tap with a lime topping it off, the bartenders put a couple fresh mint leaves in the cup for the Mojito. 

Yet again, we stand by the fact that the food offered here is probably the best value for your money at any theme park. The menu has changed quite a bit from last year, thanks to the new head chef of the event, but the quality & value has stayed the same. The portions are still ridiculously huge, and we still wish for smaller portions/price so we can try more. We enjoyed the pork skewers, pork tacos, beef empanada and tamale on our first visit. The pork skewers are the best out of what we've tried - cooked perfectly and covered in tasty spices. Several items are cooked fresh on an open grill, but those delicious flank steaks from last year are no more.

Atmosphere: Very similar to last year's event with the addition of the cottage-style booths near the lagoon. There seems to be slightly more seating (but it's never enough), more vendors, game booths and other entertainment throughout the event. Read our review of last year's festival for more detailed information.


Viva La Musica 2014 Line-up

Saturdays at SeaWorld • 3pm
Bayside stadium opens for seating at 12pm

April 26 - Chino y Nacho
May 3 - La India
May 10 - Victor Manuelle
May 17 - Olga Tanon 

VIP Packages available. Visit SeaWorld.com for more information. 


Viva la Musica

2010 Review
Viva la Musica at SeaWorld


There are two bars set up where you can get mixed drinks and more varieties of beer. All of the food booths sell Bud, Bud Light & Bud Light Lime.

Budweiser - $5.49
Bud Light - $5.49
Bud Light Lime - 16oz - $5.99
Corona - $5.29
Presidente - $5.29
Negra Modelo - $5.29
Tecate - $5.29
Dos Equis - $5.29
Turning Leaf Wine - $6
Cocktails - $7
Frozen Drinks - Margarita, Pina Colada or Strawberry Daiquiri - $5.99

Pour Quality:

The food offered here is probably the best value for your money at any theme park. The portions are often ridiculously huge, spilling over the plate and piled high. The quality and flavor is what has improved with this festival over the last few years (and it started pretty good to begin with!) You'll find Ropa Vieja, Flank Steak, Seafood Paella, Picadillo, Plantains, Lechon Asado and more. Everything is cooked fresh, the steaks right before your eyes. I dare you to pass by the chimichurri flank steaks sizzling on an open grill without your mouth starting to water.

The prices have slowly creeped up over the years, but thankfully so has the food quality, which I can't say for their Bands, Brew & BBQ event. Prices run around $6-$8 per plate, and Annual Passholders get a pretty good discount on the food - and beer. I would almost prefer much smaller appetizer-sized & priced plates so you can try multiple items.

SeaWorld has always been great at throwing a party, and this event is no exception. Even if you're not into the Latin music, you can't help but to be caught up in the fun of this event. Everyone is in a good mood, chowing on ropa vieja and washing it down with a Tecate. This event is held on the back walkway path connecting The Waterfront area up to Bayside Stadium, where the concerts are held. This walkway provides a nice view of the park over the lagoon.

Along with the main concert of the day, which is usually around 4pm, there is another smaller stage set up with a variety performers throughout the day. If you've got the itch to do the Cha Cha Slide, this is your place. There are art-deco-y white tables set up around the path some with chairs, others as high-tops. An empty chair and table is scarce during lunch, but in the afternoon it's more open. There's some additional seating in the grass facing the concert stadium, with a couple large screens with projection of the concert playing. Also a few merchandise booths selling Latin-inspired products.

It's not unusual to find families pulling up a patch of grass and camping out for a while. It's a great area to grab some food, beer and relax enjoying the sights for the afternoon. I'm not a big latin music fan, so I've never actually sat at the stadium to watch a concert, but I love the energy it pumps into the park and enjoy casually watching from my spot out in the grass (close to the food!) You can compare this to going to your local city park and lounging for the afternoon.

This a must-do if you'll be in Orlando while this event is going on, or if you've been to SeaWorld a few times before and want to see something new. If the food prices go much higher (prices jumped by almost $2 last year!), this review may have a different tone for next year. At least you do get an excellent amount & quality of food for the money. Most of the employees working these food booths are completely clueless as to what is going on and what they are supposed to be doing, so long lines can form quickly. This turns into a very crowded and congested area around lunch time, so if you have no interest in partaking, I would avoid this path.